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Funeral Agency Maçanense & Cinco Vilas has a vast, talented team with multi-language capacities able to insure repatriation to/from any point of the world.

Cremation has also grown in popularity among foreign residents in Portugal due to its reduction in costs when compared to repatriation. There are various cremation options across the country and we offer the best solution to our clients insuring each client has their needs met. Cremation to many foreign residents in Portugal means the fear of not being able to have a private ceremony before cremation appears. Our company insures, if desired, time and a location for mourning without any rush allowing for decisions to be taken with thought. Once cremation is completed we ensure the ashes are delivered in proper urns to the family allowing for the ashes to be placed in a desired location. Even if the ashes are wished to be taken to another country they may be transported, meeting legal requirements.

Our staff includes members who have lived abroad and know how different a funeral can be abroad when compared to Portugal, but we work close with our clients to ensure their beloved family member has a funeral with the dignity they are expecting. We guarantee full funeral coverage and support to grieving families during every moment until required.

We are located in Central Portugal, close to Coimbra, offering English speaking agents to cover an area which unfortunately lacks in part English fluent professionals when compared to other regions like the Algarve for example. We have come across various nationalities living in Central Portugal and many fear not only the moment of losing a beloved family member but also not being able to come across an English speaking professional who is perfectly understandable and trustworthy.

Daily, we work to meet and exceed our client´s expectations by setting higher standards of quality and working as a team to ensure grieving is always alongside our full, professional support.

Currently we have 2 offices open, 1 In the Parish of Chão de Couce, Council of Ansião, District of Leiria. Our other office, recently open, in the town and Council of Alvaiázere, District of Leiria.

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